Deus Ex: The Perils of Choice

It’s funny – I know the section of the game that many people have/are complaining about, I experienced my own bout of doubt (heh) in this regard as well – but I’m not mad about it.

Here’s why.

First, some background.  For those who are unfamiliar, Deus Ex: Human Revolution offers you a vast amount of choice in how to play the game and how to evolve your characters abilities.  Basically, you earn what’s referred to as Praxis points which can be used to unlock new abilities or upgrade existing ones.

How you spend those points is completely up to you, but herein lies the perils of your choices – if you dump all your abilities into being a one-man-army, then you’re probably going to be lacking in the hacking and stealth departments (for example).  Your choices dictate how you have to play the game, this conclusion is logical and expected.  There is a section, somewhat early on in the game where you are basically locked into a cage-match with a guy who’s an all-out war machine.  If you’ve been building an ultra-hacker up to this point the problem is clear – you are absolutely NOT equipped to deal with this situation.

Actually, that’s your sense of panic talking.  You have options (several) but the shock of the situation you find yourself in is pretty intense and tends to induce tunnel vision.  If you’ve been engaging in combat via indirect means up to this point – then guess what, you have to fight this monster indirectly too.  I must’ve died 15 times or more before I figured out how to beat him – turns out it’s fairly simple if you can fight your way through the initial panic and think about it.

So, while I felt frustrated at the choices I made earlier – I can’t really get upset at the game.  Why?  Well, there’s the matter of personal responsibility…if I bring a knife to a gun fight, that’s my problem – not the gun-fighters.  You play through the prologue, where you get a taste of the characters and you know you’re going to face later in the game.  You see what they do to everything around them and to your character.  The mission before this fight should be a hint and a half that you’re going to have to tangle with at least one of them soon.  If you read Deus Ex: Icarus Effect ahead of time, then you are fully aware of who these characters are and what they’re capable of.

You.  Were.  Warned.

For the love of the flying spaghetti monster, if you’ve been paying attention to the story up to that point or feel any empathy with your character at all then you are gunning for these people.  You want this confrontation.  Is it tough?  Yeah, your problem is a walking tank – he’s supposed to be tough.  You have options in how you approach this fight, but you don’t get to slide or talk your way out of it – some situations simply have to be dealt with.

Regardless of the choices you’ve made to this point.


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