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Yet Another Pale Blue Dot Video.

And I never get sick of them.  There are many out there and I’ve watched a good few of them, read the words many times, I own the book and somehow it never gets old.  It’s always cause for pause and for contemplation.  Perhaps, that’s the power of fundamental truth?  Whatever it is, it’s more than the beautiful words and the genuine message they convey.

I “missed” Carl’s birthday, when a new batch of these videos went up as tribute.  I suppose I could’ve joined in, but I didn’t get the memo.  No matter, many other good folks have it covered ten ways from Sunday.  That and I’m utterly horrible with birthdays, I’ve forgotten about my own on several occasions.

Of the many Pale Blue Dot videos I have seen, this one is probably the best (hence the post) – complete with narration by Carl, as it should be.

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“Who Wrote Shakespeare?” : The New Yorker

Fucking brilliant.

I’ve been struggling to concisely sum up why I don’t have any time for climate change denial any more than I have time for intelligent design, but it always ends up in a long meandering rant that has trouble remaining coherent.

This, on the other hand, eloquently gets the core point across, and is hugely fun to read.

Enjoy: “Who Wrote Shakespeare?” : The New Yorker

Movember – Canada Kicking Yankee Ass

Oh yes, I love a good pun.

Best part of all  – it’s true.  As of this writing the global stats on have Canada in the top spot for money raised by a rather wide margin.

At the moment Canada has a commanding lead with both dollars raised and participants. While my contributions haven’t been anything noteworthy, I can at least take comfort in having helped in some small way.

The top 5 listed below:

  1. Canada $20.4 Million
  2. United Kingdom $12.1 Million
  3. Australia $11.7 Million
  4. United States $7.4 Million
  5. Ireland $649 Thousand

Global Summary snapshot

Source: Movember Canada – Mo Money

C’mon ya pansies!!  You can do better than that!  ;-|)