Movember – Canada Kicking Yankee Ass

Oh yes, I love a good pun.

Best part of all  – it’s true.  As of this writing the global stats on have Canada in the top spot for money raised by a rather wide margin.

At the moment Canada has a commanding lead with both dollars raised and participants. While my contributions haven’t been anything noteworthy, I can at least take comfort in having helped in some small way.

The top 5 listed below:

  1. Canada $20.4 Million
  2. United Kingdom $12.1 Million
  3. Australia $11.7 Million
  4. United States $7.4 Million
  5. Ireland $649 Thousand

Global Summary snapshot

Source: Movember Canada – Mo Money

C’mon ya pansies!!  You can do better than that!  ;-|)


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