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Quotes, Context, Manipulation & Motivated Reasoning

In my previous post on nuclear power I made reference to YouTube user potholer54 as a creator of excellent videos, here’s an example of what I was talking about:


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The Stupid…IT BURNS!!!

Created by plognark: enjoy wine and I know there are aspects about tasting & appreciating wine that I’m not entirely familiar with and that’s fine.

But this is ri-god-damn-diculous – I know enough about physics, chemistry & biology to know that wine, as a substance, doesn’t have cells nor is it alive!  And it sure as hell isn’t fucking magnetic?!?!!

GAH!!  The man in question goes on to state:

Now, as a master herbalist and aroma-therapist, and as someone who has lectured extensively on natural health, anatomy and physiology I know a thing or two about plants, and how people perceive them.

Oh, I bet you do…What could all this madness have to do with?  Why what direction you swirl wine in your glass of course!!  Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise will yield different smells apparently and the living, magnetic wine-cells like to be spun specific ways!  *twitch*

You know what?  Lets go and take a couple glasses of wine, spin them different directions in a controlled environment and see how it affects things.  Worse comes to worse we can get hammered.

If you haven’t been stabbed in the brain yet today and are really itching to read something that’ll make you either laugh your ass off, spin up your inner centrifuge of infinite rage (as in my case), give you a headache or you just can’t resist a good old fashioned train-wreck…then follow the link below, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Details: The Stupidest Thing You’ll Read Today : Uncertain Principles