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Adam Savage @ The Reason Rally

In what appears to be a regular occurrence as of late, I’m sharing another instance of someone expressing ideas in a far more coherent manner than I tend to.  While there is joy in articulating things in your own way and I do delight in it…I deeply appreciate those who can, as the saying goes, “say it best”.

So, in the spirit of that I’d like to share a speech made by Adam Savage of MythBusters fame at the Reason Rally which took place a few days ago (March 24, 2012).

Brilliant, entertaining and a little moving.

A part of me delights in the pseudo-irony of such civil and eloquent words being spoken by a man who’s last name is Savage.

I love the way he ended it as well – it was interesting to listen to the audience go dead quiet as he described a loving, forgiving entity who was keeping score.  You can almost feel the doubt as he riddles off a list of attributes that, traditionally, have been used to describe “god” and then the elation that comes when he arrives at a different and, appropriately, reasonable conclusion.

Well said, good sir.

UPDATE:  For those who’d like a transcript of Adam’s speech, he’s provided one on




Yet Another Pale Blue Dot Video.

And I never get sick of them.  There are many out there and I’ve watched a good few of them, read the words many times, I own the book and somehow it never gets old.  It’s always cause for pause and for contemplation.  Perhaps, that’s the power of fundamental truth?  Whatever it is, it’s more than the beautiful words and the genuine message they convey.

I “missed” Carl’s birthday, when a new batch of these videos went up as tribute.  I suppose I could’ve joined in, but I didn’t get the memo.  No matter, many other good folks have it covered ten ways from Sunday.  That and I’m utterly horrible with birthdays, I’ve forgotten about my own on several occasions.

Of the many Pale Blue Dot videos I have seen, this one is probably the best (hence the post) – complete with narration by Carl, as it should be.

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TSA – Now with less crazy…?

Huh – The ultra intense wave of paranoia that’s gripped the TSA for the last several years seems to be receding.  The philosophy of “treat everyone as a terrorist” is apparently being abandoned in favour of something far more reasonable.

But late last month, at the Aspen Security Forum, TSA chief John Pistole opened his mouth — and Schneier’s words came tumbling out. Pistole said it was high time to “recognize that the vast majority of people traveling every day are not terrorists.” To “try to apply some more common sense to the process,” even.

Forget patting down kids and telling people with top secret security clearances to take off their shoes. “I think we can do a different way of screening children that recognizes that, in the very high likelihood, they do not have a bomb on them,” he said.

Besides, he added, “the best layer of security we have … is intelligence.”

BUH-WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA?????  *blink, blink*

I’m cautiously optimistic that this kind of thing will actually lead to the TSA looking like an competent entity VS well this…

There’s mention of a “trusted” traveller idea that I’m not all that struck on, seems like it presents an easily exploitable vector, however, the devil’s in the details – frankly, I’m just happy to see some sanity being brought to the realm of airport security.

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